Down at the Farm


A. “Is that your girlfriend?”
B. “no.”
A.”Yess! Yess! Yess! Yess!”
All: “????”
A: “Now you can date my sister!”

At the farm one of the client advocates (supervisor for their group of clients) gave a quick friendly hug to me at the farm, posing the client’s question to start the above conversation.

Our Quirky Family


Sunday Morning
“Well I was watching tv and then I had to brush my teeth. Nevertheless, I am not late, I still get pop, and I am not in trouble!” –Levi

Just another morning adventure with the family. The rule is, if you are not in the car by 9am on Sunday to go to church, then you don’t get pop for lunch. Levi got to the car at about 9:04. Mom says, “No pop for Levi!” and above was his response.