My Identity


1504087_10152044250828567_1781598919_nBobbi Custer

Age: 23

Bachelor’s Degree–Business and Music

I am one of six siblings:

Mick–My oldest brother and one of my best friends. He and his wife have two sons with autism.

Gabe–He was perfect. He passed away seven years ago. Everyday I ask him to run with me until I fly with him.

Randi–My quirky sister. She has Cri-Du-Chat syndrome. We constantly compete for the top-girl of the family spot. I love her beautiful spirit.

Levi–My red ranger. When he’s not eating hot pockets he’s my best friend and a hopeless romantic. He has Down syndrome.

Eric–My adopted dynamo brother. He has a heart of gold. He’s never afraid to have fun. He has Down syndrome.

The Parents

Owners of Downsize Farm, and program for adults with disabilities.

My Purpose

To fulfill the dreams and passions of my siblings.

To run my business: The Spotted Cow Coffeehouse

To give God glory

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